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About StoneWars.com

StoneWars is an independent LEGO news blog and reports on the most exciting news from the world of all the different LEGO themes. Our LEGO news revolves around new sets, minifigures and exciting background reports on the company from Billund. We also take a look back at the LEGO sets of our and your childhood.

We present you the coolest new products in reviews and also report about special offers for new and old sets, so you can save a lot of money. We mainly report LEGO news for adult fans here, but StoneWars is also meant to be a family-friendly destination for all LEGO news for kids, teens and families.

StoneWars is made up of an ever-growing team of dedicated fans who bring you the latest LEGO news, but none of this would be possible without our great LEGO community who actively share ideas in the comments on our blog and create a great environment for other LEGO fans.

The StoneWars LEGO News blog is not a recognized LEGO fan medium. We are independent from the LEGO Group and buy our own review sets.

StoneWars is based in Germany so the German version of StoneWars is where we originally write our articles. StoneWars.com was created to give us a place to translate our content for our ever-growing number of international readers.