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LEGO Ulysses Plakette Titelbild

During the recent “sales launch” of the LEGO 5006744 Ulysses spacecraft in the VIP rewards center, the frustration among LEGO fans was justifiably great, as a large number of fans went away empty-handed. Hundreds of fans, blog owners and other voices in the community (rightly) voiced loud and clear criticism towards LEGO, and The LEGO Group even put out a statement.

We wanted to go one step further and so Jonas worked two night shifts and built the (in our opinion) much nicer and easy to rebuild Ulysses space probe, so we can give you the instructions for it today – for free. All necessary parts can be ordered via the Bricks & Pieces Service at LEGO.

The model of the Ulysses space probe

Jonas MOC of the Ulysses consists of 291 parts including the presentation stand and thus consists of more parts than the official model from LEGO. The Ulysses including the drive unit is 22 cm (8.6 inches) long and measures about 6.5 cm (2.6 inches) in diameter. With its stand, the entire model is 17 cm (6.7 inches) high.

Because of the stand and the plaque (why it is still without imprint, you can read more about it below), you can present the model uniformly together with the LEGO Space Shuttle. Alternatively, our Ulysses should also fit into the cargo hold of the shuttle.

LEGO Ulysses Modell mit Ständer

The entire model is based on the original NASA drawings.

Like the real thing, the actual probe can be separated from the giant drive unit.

LEGO Ulysses Moc Anleitung Sonde

Our instructions

You can download the instructions for the set as a PDF file here. The PDF is about 9MB in size, contains a total of 69 building steps and is 33 pages long. Of course, the PDF also contains a list of the parts used, but below we also have a digital parts list for you, which makes sourcing the parts extremely easy.

LEGO Ulysses Space Probe Anleitung

Our instructions for the LEGO Ulysses Space Probe as MOC are and will remain free of charge and may of course be shared everywhere. Of course, other bloggers, Youtubers or forum members are welcome to share the tutorial, as long as you refer to StoneWars or this blog post here as the source for the instructions! 🙂

Parts list and costs

You can download the parts list as an XML file here. The ZIP file contains two lists, one for the whole model and one for the model without the stand.

All parts can be ordered at LEGO’s Bricks & Pieces Service (at least thats the case in Germany). Of course you can also get the bricks for the model from another source of your choice or use elements from your own collection. If you order the parts via the Bricks & Pieces Service, we would be happy if you use our affiliate link to the LEGO online store.

(🇦🇹 | 🇨🇭 | 🇳🇱 | 🇺🇸 | 🇮🇹 | 🇬🇧 | 🇫🇷 | 🇩🇰 | 🇧🇪 | 🇨🇦 | 🇪🇸 | 🇸🇪 | 🇫🇮 | 🇳🇴)

Let’s move on to the approximate cost of acquiring the bricks. If you want to build the entire model including the stand and order the parts via the Brick & Pieces Service, you currently have to reckon with costs of $60,19 US.

Especially the many parts in metallic gold were ordered by our readers a few months ago for extremely cheap prices at the Bricks & Pieces Service, so that some of them might have the appropriate supplies at home, which make the building of our LEGO Ulysses probe much cheaper.

We have included the entire parts list as a table:

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Modifications and upgrades

For the instructions we made sure that all parts are available at LEGO Bricks & Pieces. With some additional modifications you can get even more details out of our model of the Ulysses. Either you already have them in your collection – which is not unlikely for many StoneWars readers – or you get them at BrickLink or when they become available at S&T.

Flag of the United States

LEGO Space Ulysses Moc Anleitung 2

In the instructions at step 31, several Tile 1×2 Modified Grill are installed. For our product photos, we have already replaced one of these parts with a printed 1×2 tile with the USA flag. If you have the small flag in your collection you can immediately install it there.

Lightsaber handles

LEGO Ulysses Moc Anleitung Sonde Metallic Silver

In step 62 lightsaber handles in Light Bluish Grey are installed. The probe can be upgraded even more with handles in Metallic Silver. Since lightsaber handles are included as spare parts in many Star Wars sets, they should be available in many collections. You can also replace theLight Bluish Grey rod with an antenna in Metallic Silver (6051882 ).

Golden rim

LEGO Space Ulysses Moc Anleitung 7

Originally, a rim in Metallic Gold was planned for the drive unit. Unfortunately, this is currently not available at Bricks & Pieces, which is why Jonas switched to a similar part in Pearl Gold. However, the Metallic Gold rim (6294526 ) was available very cheap at B&P in the past, so that both the dealers’ stocks at BrickLink are full and certainly many of our readers have far more than one of these golden rims left.

If you have the matching rim, you can make the following change in step 68. We don’t have the parts needed for this in the parts list, but they should be in almost every collection anyway. The colors of the parts don’t matter because they won’t be visible later anyway.

LEGO Space Ulysses Moc Anleitung 12

Want a printed badge?

The instructions also include a stand for the Ulysses, which also includes a plaque. Of course, you can simply omit the stand and the plaque (as mentioned above, we have also created an alternative parts list for this) and display the space probe without the stand, for example in combination with the LEGO Space Shuttle.

However, we also wanted to give you the possibility to add a nice nameplate to your Ulysses. In our instructions and in the pictures here in the blog post, the black plate is still unprinted. However, we are working hard to offer you a cool printed plate, but first we want to clarify the rights to the logos with NASA and ESA, which unfortunately was not possible in the last 48 hours.

If we don’t get permission for the logos for this purpose, we would like to offer you another cool printed plaque, which you can attach to our Ulysses (or of course to another rebrick of the spacecraft). We don’t want to make any money from selling the brick and are working together with AugustinBrothers for the printing and JB Spielwaren for the logistics.

The price for a printed 6×8 slope would probably be at most 2,49 Euro plus shipping costs in a padded envelope, which would of course vary internationally. As an alternative we will probably

We will give you updates as soon as possible, but we want to check your interest already. Therefore we have built a small survey (of course without any obligation to actually buy something), where we would be very happy about your answers.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Hopefully we will have specific information for you at the beginning of next week. The printing and shipping of the parts could take place with a little bit of luck already in the week after that!

Feedback and conclusion

We hope you like our alternative to the LEGO Ulysses probe and are happy to be able to build a nicer alternative to the absolutely overpriced LEGO model on eBay. We will give you updates on our planned plaque as soon as possible.

For now, we look forward to your feedback on the model in the comments! What do you think about this whole thing? And we don’t usually say this, but we are of course especially happy if you share this post and many fans get something out of the instructions! 🙂

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